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Without love, the truth can't be seen... - Flower_Sunrise's journal

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A few words about me...

Hello to everyone. I’m Flower_Sunrise.

I like reading books, drawing and writing.
I’m often shy and sometimes I’m a very crazy person.
I still haven’t projects for the future, but I want to study music at high levels, because I love so much singing.

About languages... My mother language is Italian, and I know English too. But, wait: I don’t speak English so well.
So, sorry if my English language is very, very bad and rough...

For this reason, all entries of my journal are in Italian.

This is all.
Enjoy the madness of this journal, which is opened only to my closest friends and to all those people that know me.
And remember, everyone has a special ability. Just discover it and improve it!


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